BUY LAND AND WAIT"  ~Will Rogers

Why Should You Buy From StevesHalfPriceLand.com?

Why Invest in Land?

  •  Appreciation of Value
  •  The right kind of land acquired at the right price far outweighs the financial risks and problems one might encounter with other types of real estate.
  •  Low maintenance (Hands Off investment) - with relatively cheap property taxes, no utility or repair bills, no property insurance, no mortgage, and no tenants...land can be a great, inexpensive long-term investment.
  •  No-hassle inspection process - In most cases, all of this can be done online without actually having to see the property in person.
  •  When done the right way, No Credit Checks, No Banks or Mortgage Companies necessary!!


Why  Buy  Land  From  Me?

  •  Experienced investor in Tax Liens, Deeds, and Raw Vacant land for 20+ years
  •  I've PERSONALLY owned the majority of my land for at least 10 - 20 years.
  •  I sell ALL of my land parcels for at least 50% or more discount of the current market value with Property Taxes paid in FULL!
  •  No middle-man! You will deal directly with Me every step of the way.
  •  I have both Commercially Potential and Residential land.
  •  Each listing contains related "SOLD" Comps as well as Geolocation and Plat Maps.
  •  Seller Financing available on ALL of my properties (w/ Assignability of Contract)
  •  All land parcels sold for Same Price (for both Terms and Cash Buyers)!
  •  Low Down Payment - Choose your Payment Terms (up to 30 yrs) with No Pre-payment penalty for early payoff!
  •  Incentives galore! To include: Coupon Code Discounts on top of the already discounted properties AND Steve's Specials where you'll find properties discounted more than 50%!

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