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Unlike many sellers of land advertised online, I own ALL my land listed on my website.  You can check out any of the county websites where my land is located and see my name, Steve Thornock (or a family member), listed as the owner.  Many online sellers are simply agents for the real owners and can't personally guarantee anything.  Some sellers use company names or LLC's that may or may not be related to the real owners.  Never buy anything from anyone other than the real owner!  I guarantee that I am the owner of all land listed on my website! 



Unlike many parcels of land for sale online, ALL of my Property Taxes are paid in full!  Feel free to call any of the counties I list land for sale on my website with any of my Parcel Numbers to check out.  They will tell you that every single parcel has no Property Taxes due.  I even continue to pay all Property Taxes on land that I sell on Terms simply adding the amount paid to the Buyer's Amount Due.  These Property Tax amounts are already figured in when quoting your Monthly Payments! 



No Fees/No Deed Surprises of any kind!  Unlike most all other sellers of land, I do NOT charge you any Documentation Fees, Contract Prep Fees, Deed Prep Fees, Recording Fees, etc..  Cash Buyers will receive a Warranty Deed recorded with the County.  NEVER settle for anything less than a Warranty Deed from anyone!  I will even pay to Record your Deed and submit it for you!  This will be submitted to the County immediately after your payment clears my bank and receiving your confirmation email stating exactly how you'd like your Warranty Deed recorded.  No Fees for changing the Name or Address either.  Term Buyers will receive an Agreement for Sale of Real Estate immediately after their Down Payment is received.  Term Buyers will receive an updated Monthly Statement via email showing every payment and new Balance Due after each payment received.  Term Buyers will then receive a Warranty Deed recorded with the County upon their final Monthly Payment clearing my bank and after their confirmation email stating exactly how you'd like your Warranty Deed recorded.  Term Buyers may even sell their Agreement for Sale of Real Estate contract before their final payment as long as the new Buyer agrees to the same Terms!  Transference of this Agreement also has NO Fees! 



No other sellers of land that I've seen offer this!  Most all gouge Term Buyers hundreds or thousands of dollars vs. their Cash Price!  I only include 4% - 10% Annual Interest, depending on the terms you choose, when making your Down Payment and setting up your Monthly Payments.  No prepayment penalty if Terms Buyers wish to payoff early!  ALL BUYERS (CASH & TERMS) WILL RECEIVE A 5% DISCOUNT WHEN PAYING OFF FINAL BALANCE REMAINING!  I also include your prorated Property Taxes to your Monthly Payments to avoid ever getting behind.  I can ONLY offer this Same Terms Price as Cash Price by requiring Buyers to set up automatic Monthly Payments when using my Check Out System.  You may even choose which day of the month you'd like to start your Monthly Payments!  This will prevent you from ever having a Late Fee!



TERM Buyers are REQUIRED to agree to our MONTHLY Automatic Recurring Payments via our debit/credit card processor when your Down Payment is made for the length of Term selected.  NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT NECESSARY when submitting your credit card info at checkout.  Monthly billing is FREE with our debit/credit card option!  Please DO NOT proceed with the purchase on Terms if you are not willing to comply with the above.  You will receive your Agreement for Sale of Real Estate emailed after your Down Payment has been received as well as your Balance Due Statement after each payment.   If you have any questions, please give me a call at (702) 326-7374 or send an email to:

  • ALL buyers will receive a 5% Discount off FINAL BALANCE DUE!
  • Single Payment Buyers - $200 Down Payment due immediately upon checkout, with remaining payoff balance due within 30 days via Personal/Business Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order ONLY!  Final Discounted balance MUST be submitted with your executed Agreement for Sale of Real Estate.
  • Term Buyers - 5% Discount will be applied to any remaining payoff balance owed.  Final discounted balance MUST be submitted by Personal/Business Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order ONLY!

All Coupon Code Discounts will be applied at checkout (Terms buyers: discount not to exceed the amount of the Down Payment).  If purchasing on Terms, any remaining discount will be applied to your Balance Due Statement after the Down Payment is completed including Automatic Monthly Payments set-up through our checkout system.  Both Single-Payment and Term Buyers will get the same Discounts, just in different ways!

Furthermore, Steven Thornock, cannot be held liable for damages caused by errors, misuse, or fraudulent intent of any user/visitor of


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